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TIF Videos

Winter 2014-2015 was very active for TIF. We made a few videos.

At the Origin of TIF

Please view the videos below
The heartbreaking visit of a poor family's home, or why TIF was created for
When we arrived at her small house in mid-October on the outskirts of Ulan Bator we found Dolgoon alone. It was -6C outside and the house was without heating so her brother was too cold and went to stay to his friend's house instead of taking care of her. She was tied-up on a mattress as you can see on the top picture, so that she won't go away. She was only wearing a light pajamas, lying there alone since morning, freezing, hungry and thirsty.

This was the first kinder garden of TIF, which was a small buidling. In 2013 TIF managed to build an open a much larger house in order to be able to take care of more children. 

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