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Our Story

TIF founders’ view is that being Mongolian coming from the “high” society, while having been raised in the poor north suburb of Ulaanbaatar called the Chingeltei district gives them the ability (i) to understand the needs, identify the children who suffer most, easily get into contact with their parents, and the public school of the district, (ii) to supervise and control what TIF Mongolia does on the ground on a daily basis, (iii) to chose and manage efficiently the staff employed in Mongolia and finally (iv) to make the best use of the resources that Hong Kong based people and companies can offer to charities. As the founders are living in Hong Kong they have the ability to get donations and raise funds in order to help the children of Ulaanbaatar’s suburbs.

The organization of TIF has therefore been designed to capitalize on the above advantages, by setting-up the following two entities:


  1. The Tsolmon Ireedui Foundation created and registered as a society in Hong Kong, which is in charge of raising funds in order tosupport the actions of the charity in the ground in Mongolia. TIF Hong Kong does not employ any staff, it relies on the time spent by TIF founders and other people helping the charity. It organizes fund raising events in Hong Kong and in Mongolia. TIF Hong Kong also obtained the approval from the Inland Revenue Department with regard to offering tax incentives for funds donations to Hong Kong fiscal residents.

  2. The Tsolmon Ireedui Foundation charity created and registered in Mongolia, which employs approximately ten local staff, and which conducts actions on the ground to meet TIF’s objectives. TIF Mongolia receives all of its from TIF Hong Kong in order to pay for its expenses (staff, operation of the kinder garden (food, electricity,water, etc.). 

Meet The Team

TIF's founders are four persons living in Hong Kong, two of them are Mongolian and one is French. They are currently the office bearers of TIF Hong Kong:

Tsolmon Chimgee




Altangalbaa Batsuuri



Marc-Henry Lebrun



Marc-Henry is Tsolmon’s husband and Altangalbaa is Tsolmon’s youngest sister.

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